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- siege of Kings mountain
- hurriedly went to
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  Dragon head looking up, pointing at the trees open milk yellow flowers flowers says: "this flower is very cute and beautiful, 26 hours later it will thank you. You see the treasure, even to the withers and sad, but Jane flowers and not because you do not cherish, or not sentimental, and any changes. Speak more frankly, even if we do not have here, from beginning to end, no one had seen the flowers, it will not be because of this and less of a cute, derogate from a beautiful. Again, not because we stand here and look at it, it's really ' comparison ' beautiful sth If I didn't put this photo to the dead, you should have seen her look, you regret sadness does not occur in the hearts of sth Isn't it?
  Jade Tzu Chi wrinkled frown: "sth"

"Oh, Ah! "Du dust nodded, so do hesitate:" I got a super pet egg of God, trying to find a spiritual force some people to help me test it out.
Boning reluctantly shook, but muttered, yeah right, I now that you allow me to test the Super pet God, don't let me die? My spirit is indeed!
Thought here, boning objection: "master, my mental preparation has a lot of of damage with serious injuries, and strange beast spirit force is very strong, as SULAN King of the mountains, than quarrel just to vent one ' s spleen within a few breathing could kill her, if that is the spirit of the competition, I would have been far!
Du Chen smiled, "do you? Strange beast God spirit of pet force is generally a very strong?
"Yes, that SULAN was nine gods favor, spiritual forces have been able to control hundreds of thousands of strange beast helped us siege of Kings mountain, if really master what you say Super, even the ultimate pet God, their mentality is not that we humans can match! Their racial talent!
Du Chen had more fun laughing, asked "the pet eggs only form of God, did not?

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 hurriedly went to Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

"It is! Also was a rich young master! "Came to the door of Maxim, see mansion, said Szenkar was surprised.
"Well, can guard family naturally not ordinary people. "Enrique nod, Maxim eyes watching two people, envy appears then the moment is just to calm their image in his mind is not big for a few minutes.
Marquis will guard outside the House, see master with two strangers home to rush the front for questioning, Maxim did not say much, only invited two people sit in.
"Anything. Young man, our large House this boorish man is not very appropriate to you, since you have nothing so we don't, well meet again some day. "Carl YEUNG Sum and Enrique says strike turned away.
"And so on! "Maxim hastened to call two people," you saved me today, if I let you go I will be sorry. \ Anyway please come to my home to drink a cup! "And some" sincere "solicitation, two Visual glance, seems embarrassed, but difficult to refuse such kindness, he eventually followed the maxim into the door of the mansion.
When three people. The guards hear "saving" the word, immediately felt things would not be so simple, and followed the master of four security guards have not come back, were notified immediately a man in maierken.
Maxim luxury home decoration for both Szenkar and Enrique "hayseed" mubuxiajie, looked at looked at East West looked at are curious about anything, of course, just curious, they also know that "large house" rules, and not too much to ask. Face of slave maids offer wine, two people instead of some restraint.
They are very funny to this maxim, heart road "is putting it on. "But this is normal, if they remained calm in this luxurious place, and that maxim will doubt their origin of sth
Sitting in a little while, I get the message maierken hurriedly went to the living room, see maxim is okay, he is straight from the horse's mouth, with two strangers nod. Ask maxim.

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"The good, the good one ' will not '! You the words. On your way out, advise you to come back! However, not low. Your despicable behaviour cannot be forgiven, left, and roll!
Jin Mingxun and his companions feel them only a cold, really is a diarrhea all over, a weak sense of instant spread around the body. "Bing jingle when ~~" sound, direct sound. That is they buckle with silver beads for quite some time, due to sudden power faded, and a floor of noise!
In the front, has been all out of shape. Finally said it: "roll it! "Still reverberate throughout the plant, they are completely sober, investigate the body, if confirmed as ashes, their skills really are out!
"Go back! Organizations report that this matter was not Kim enterprises to participate in the US! Well, that is not of a man! "Jin Mingxun face pale, Han said.

  The next day, we follow the Devils got the three to go back a laborer, written by several people out of the Devils in front of paper delivery, but this time the Devils did not immediately put them, but a few Devils passing each other notes, and then tied each other laugh and the Conscript. Before I knew it, a Japanese military officer had held up a knife, and cut down to the head of a Conscript in the past. Head did not cut down and knife was caught in the bones. The Conscript screaming in a loud voice: ' taijun, forgive me, I'm the innocent civilians. ' But no one would listen to him. Decapitated the officer because of poor technology, attracted other Japanese laugh uproariously. The officer can ' t hitch up on his face, the Conscript's feet carry on, cut down as he is not a person, but rather a piece of wood.

"This sth Not as well! "Du Chen:" I help you to lose something in the back, you see it work?

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March sky wings 120th in chapter I to would be great
  Combs, clean looking makeup mirror has appeared before her face. Zhen Yin feel good strange. As seen on the face of the tender, only the cold terrifying calm.

  "Today is the fourth day. "Man mouth replied:" I into the city this morning, had wanted to see in the town, has been a very long time into the city. Being happy, being knocked out, have been caught here.
  "Oh, like this. But how did you came in with a gun? "Talk about guns, light sent into the sparkling cross edge. It's hard to say this guys haven't stained with the blood of the Imperial Army, but he was not raised.

  By contrast, people feel that the Pope of the Catholic or Orthodox, Judaism is old. Timid, dared to Asians, vampires are head-on confrontation, that is him miss people. So if they are dissatisfied with the Pope.

  Because everyone's attention is focused on the children and old presence of the elderly, old consider that children would also have to hold their own don't drink much wine, so all the other people didn't drink, even the most usual loves to play with Li Yuan wine journalists are no exception.

  Chen XI had become like a laser beam sword out, quietly after the sweep, all clean, who shot up to drawing, even the entire courtyard houses, all were destroyed very clean, nothing!
  Judy and Thai officials is the first time I met Chen XI using the power of this powerful weapon, they were privately surprised, no wonder that Chen XI can one man force, killed 78, 352 Marquis a kindred the Duke, his arms not knowing what is really too frightening!
  Thai officials vaguely guessed it might be, Chen XI can be controlled, or are you helping to promote, but just a few years time, big changes will happen!

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 And strongest Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

"Your Excellency, Luth Yan Si calls! GAM sent out! "A lieutenant to whisper being next to the rest of Mr JI ming said. "The UH! Know! "After hearing the words Mr JI Ming and not as just as excited that Forbes attack, instead he is very calm and nodded. In fact he is very proud of. Because the problem is that he wants to have a long time to come.

  "CS, why are you a person came here to drink tea? "Wonderful sound coming from behind, no fengtou does not know that it was your pillow one sky, the little girl How do you will find here?
  Guan Yingying is no kind of sat in front of me, a rose-like odor coming from the side there can be.

Du Chen jump to defenses of the most weak, only a few hidden guard of the East Coast!
At this time, Donna has explained clearly the truth, dragons and Christian ziege both letter and do not believe it, but looking at that than Jin Huan's advanced new gods Santa!
Sacred Dragon cool dragons stared at Donna, "God Donna, I will believe what you said for the time being, President of Christian ziege, we in accordance with their position near the Hallows, protection of sth Damn, protection of the whole army!
Change process, that huge black rocks as if sitting in a device on the muzzle of the gun, is tyrannical power of detonation cupola, but it only flew up, big body but no damage!
Black Rock off, a dozen metres high, a lot of things happened in just lingdianji seconds sth
All watch to see. The huge rocks disappear out of thin air, strength is slightly stronger, and can vaguely see the rock is actually rapidly become smaller, the last small to the point of distance difficult to the naked eye!
And strongest Christian ziege, he clearly saw, the rock seems to be what is holding, then the smaller forced compression of the wrapped rock, then rock fly to the East Bank of the micro is not checked! What is this power to cause!?

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